Some pillars of human psyche

Pride relative to peers; what peers will think about an individual; reflection — you are what you see, you are what you are surrounded by. And, lastly, maybe symbolism enforced by experience. Symbolism may refer to symbols, faces, what others say and even what others wear, for example — clothes; what roles they play in socium.

I have not read any literature on this subject. At least not extensively. So all of this is just introspection, observation, life experience.

So I decided to check, whether or not my English faded into obscurity from not using it for some time. I like Engrish.

Anyway, lets begin the thought process.

The so called pride. I think, people, including me (I am human too, I think) tend to gravitate towards domination over others in some way. Not necessarily physical domination. They want to impress and receive praises. I am richer that you! I dress better than they! My professional skills are more polished than before! I have better friends; better social life! And something like that.

The opposite of pride is humility. Somewhere in the shadows of their soul there is fear of rejection. That is why people live on this polarity of pride and humility.

The next element is reflection. How can a person know, if he or she is in favor of his, lets say, pride/mental judge? He or she is in need to be reminded who she or he is in “reality”. It can be achieved be surrounding that individual with actors who look, act, talk “good”, or, in the opposite — do all of those things in a “bad” manner. In short, fish out from their subconscious those fears or hopes of being someone.

That leads us to symbolism. Events shape persons worldview and his role-perception in it. Clothes the individual sees in others, words the individual hears, types of faces the individual encounters — all of this can pop the bubble of security and comfort, or create this bubble, on the other hand.

Well, I think that is all what I wanted to say/muse on this subject. Maybe I will translate it into Russian.

Thank you and goodnight!

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