Volpcoin- A soft Introduction

Volpcoin Smart Protocol | X14 HBE -Hybrid BTC / ETHER

What is Volpcoin?

Volpcoin is a new digital currency specifically designed as part of a pilot project, where it will be realized an implementation of a new protocol that will solve a few problems related with scalability and the dimension of blockchain.

With the application of the Volpcoin protocol, the blocks will be compressed before being added in the blockchain, in this way it will be possible to have a large number of transactions and commands at the same time.

How Volpcoin Protocol works?

What is our mission?

Our mission is to develop and support solutions that help to improve the efficiency and security of decentralized technology protocols.

At the moment we are focused on the blockchain registry infrastructure, where we are working on a solution that allows you to compress the blocks.

This new smart communication protocol ,can be applied across all decentralized technologies.

We believe that this new model ,will be a great contribution to the good segment of decentralized networks.

For, the blockchain dimension is a crucial factor for network performance, requiring a mutual set of collaboration on the part of the whole community to change this paradigm.

Recalling that ,we started working on the network with conventional protocol, through Volpcoin beta v.1.0 .

This is the first stage of development, where it will be the test of a symbiosis between the main networks.

We are receptive to receiving collaboration from professionals interested in supporting this project.