The Truth About Climate Change

First, allow me to say that I’d be the first person to advocate an evolution from fossil fuels to some green technology. I think it’s simple. For one, I’m a perfectionist. If you’re not aware of what this means, it simply means that I’m a person who believes that Perfectionism should be aspired for. It’s not a belief that perfectionism can be attained, but simply pursued. We Americans love to see our Olympic athletes come home with a gold medal. This is more easily realized when our athletes are Perfectionists.

Why go into defending my philosophy into perfectionism, you might ask? Well, to make this simple point: Even if “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” is a lie (which it is), it only makes sense to me to aspire to minimize man’s impact on his environment (for me, this includes war). However, there shouldn’t be a need for a military PSYOP to get you to advocate such measures.

However, in a Capitalist society — perhaps there IS a need for such a PSYOP to convince you to change your purchasing decisions. Why do we choose a car that is propelled by an internal combustion engine? Ease of use (the standard for over a century), ease to maintain / upkeep (refueling stations / convenience stores dot the American landscape), ease of repair (an army of mechanics are available and parts are readily available at countless stores across America), affordable (the law of Supply & Demand should make this evident to you — increasing the supplies of all the aforementioned benefits makes their prices fall), power (those with a passion for driving love the acceleration an internal combustion engine can deliver), and lastly, the range of our gas-driven cars presently far exceed that of an electric car.

Our Western Intelligentsia has embraced a philosophy of Elitism. They have lauded one of the greatest, if not the greatest Greek philosopher — Socrates — as their champion. Remember also, that it is easier to destroy than it is to build. One way to insure that I remain on top is by pushing others down. If you didn’t know, Socrates is known to have deeply distrusted democracy. Upon realizing this fact, then it should not surprise you that they embraced Monarchy when it was fashionable and embrace Elitism today. There is a bumper sticker which reads, “I may be slow, but I’m ahead of you.” If we’re both running from a brown bear, I can avoid being eaten as long as I’m faster than YOU!

Climate Change is not the first PSYOPs Americans have been subjected to… Climate Change is a lie. However, just because it’s a lie, doesn’t mean that most Americans shouldn’t continue to pressure our automakers with smart choices which minimize humanity’s impact on Earth. In fact, fossil fuels are part of the reason we have our dilemma today — the disparity in the distribution of wealth. The American economy is being “extracted.” Tens of trillions of dollars are being siphoned-off. On September 10th, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld cited that there was $2.3 trillion dollars missing from the Department of Defense’s budget. After 9–11 we never heard about it again. Why?!?!?