Volta Dao

Volta DAO is a decentralized protocol based on the VOLT token — collateralized and backed by the Volta DAO. Volt will be the reserve currency of Fantom. Inspired by OHM, Volta builds upon its core concepts through additional token utility to increase the staking pressure and protocol interaction. Volta will use the Algorithmic Reserve Currency algorithm and will also be supported by other decentralized assets. Volta will implement strong governance for our holders who vote to play an important part in the development of our ecosystem.

Volta Dao is a decentralized reserve currency operating on the Fantom network. Each VOLT token is backed by a basket of assets held securely in the Volta treasury, giving it an intrinsic price floor it cannot fall below.

Volta takes inspiration from the core concepts of OHM, in providing a decentralized, policy controlled system where the behaviour of Volta is controlled by the DAO and its users.

However, we are not just another OHM fork. We aim to build upon the core OHM features — staking, bonding and game-theoretic dynamics — by providing additional token utility features such as launchpads and lending platforms to name a few. These utilities will provide more incentive for our protocol users to stake their tokens, increasing the number of $Volt staked.

The game theory diagram on which Volta is based.

Volta DAO — How it works

Staking — When you stake $VOLT, you receive an equal amount of $VOLTs through which you receive a portion of the profits from the protocol. The staking rewards come from rebasing which derives its proceeds from bond issuance.

When you unstake, you forfeit the upcoming rebase reward for the portion of $VOLT unstaked and subsequently this burns $VOLTs, further enforcing the (3,3) ethos of Volta.

Bonding — A bond is the representation of your liquidity pool share. It allows the bonder to purchase $VOLT at a discounted price, receiving their tokens on a vested schedule. Bonding allows Volta to acquire its own liquidity and other reserve assets. By owning its own liquidity, Volta further protects its protocol users by ensuring there is always protocol owned exit liquidity.

Why Volta DAO

Investor Protection — Volta DAO’s initial liquidity will be locked immediately after launch. Our presale is capped at 20%. Our team will receive 10% of the tokens which are locked for 2 months and released on a 10-month vesting schedule with the majority of the tokens being used to fund promotions and marketing.

Additionally, our owner will KYC, and we also plan to get multiple security audits. Any new features or developments on the DAO will also undergo multiple audits prior to release.

Our treasury wallet will also be multisig to further ensure the security of our protocol. But that’s not all, our launch will feature a maximum buy transaction to ensure a fair launch with anti-bot and anti-whale features; we really want to build a strong and fair community here at Volta.

Strong, technical and passionate team — Our team consists of professionals working in the financial sector, ranging from investment banking, data analytics, project management and digital marketing. With strong academic backgrounds in mathematics, computer science and technology related fields, we are a team that have the technical aptitude and commercial skills to rupture the industry. Additionally, our team aims to be clear, transparent and responsive to our community.

Community driven — The term ‘community driven’ may be thrown around a lot in the world of cryptocurrencies but at Volta, we aim to redefine it. We really want to empower our community to participate in the developments and decisions we make going forward by issuing a voting based governance feature within Volta DAO. Additionally, regular AMA’s and feedback channels will be held. Having the ability to make an impact to the project you’re invested in is a rare opportunity in crypto, and we certainly don’t think that should be the case!

The Volta team will continue to work behind the scenes to deliver an incredible project on the fantom network within the next few weeks!

Connect with us!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoltaDAO
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/VoltaDAO/
Medium: https://medium.com/@VoltaDAO
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/voltadao

Volta DAO is building a decentralized reserve currency built on #Fantom. (⚡️,⚡️)