August Update 1 — Shipping & Software Status

Thank you to everyone who has paid and confirmed shipping details with us — printers will start going out this week! If you are in North America and you haven’t heard from us please check your spam — then, if you still haven’t heard from us, send an email to so we can sort out your shipping arrangements.

Carriage parts, ready to be assembled into V-Ones!

International Shipping 
As we mentioned two weeks ago, international shipping will start shortly after the North American units are out the door. This means we will start taking international shipping orders very soon! You will hear from Kelly via email with details on how to confirm your shipping arrangements.

Some people have asked why international shipping is occurring later than North American shipping, so we want to be completely transparent about why we are shipping in this order. While we have used a multi input power supply for logic circuitry, the printer’s heated plate is not cross-compatible. What this means is that the heated plates have a 120V and a 220V wiring configuration. As you can imagine, this is best done in batches of printers.

The second reason we’ve been shipping North American units first is bugs! We have been able to iron out many bugs found by users of the printers that have already shipped, and we want to ensure that you don’t spend a bunch of money on international shipping just to end up with a printer that doesn’t work.

What bugs? 
We knew with releasing a completely rewritten version of the software we were going to run into bugs as the printers face an increased number of use cases. We also knew going into this that it was possible something would go wrong on the hardware front. The good news is that both software bugs and hardware bugs have been minimal!

In terms of software we have, so far, run into a few gerber parsing errors, and we have enabled automatic updates so that we are able to push software updates to you as soon as they are ready. Relating to the gerber parsing errors, it is important to follow our circuit design and exporting guidelines to ensure the printer is able to read your gerber file. We have updated these guidelines with a few additional notes to make exporting your gerbers as simple as possible.

In terms of hardware, 2 users have experienced height mapping issues as a result of miscalibrated or broken probes. It’s important to note that the probe is a precision calibrated tool, and needs to be handled with care. At this point we don’t know if these probes were damaged during packing, shipping, or are just faulty, but we are looking into the source of the problem further.

B2 probes, ready to perform their magic tricks

More Software News 
Two weeks ago we included a survey in our update asking what features we should work on next. 75 people responded to the survey, and we have set our development path for the next few feature releases! 2-sided printing and template board support will be worked on in parallel next, since the two features are very closely related in terms of functionality. Once these features are released we will move on to working on Linux support and expanded gerber support. Keep an eye on your software updates for these releases!

Voltera Community 
Those of you who have received your printer, we want to know what you are working on! Share your projects on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #madewithVoltera.

We’ve also built a place for Voltera customers and those interested in the V-One to talk to each other on our website. Have questions for us? Working on a project and need some advice? Post to the forum and see if a member of our community, or someone from our team, can help you out!

Yesterday we made a quick post to the forums under #madewithVoltera of a few circuits we have printed recently. Check them out and let us know what you think.

We will keep posting updates here on Kickstarter, but we look forward to having a dialogue with you on the forums!

-The Voltera Team