August Update 2 — More Shipping Updates + Voltera Swag

Hey Everyone!

Here is what the general attitude has been over the last couple weeks:

We had over 60 printers go out the door last week and are aiming for another 75 this week. It is looking like we’re on track to get all the Kickstarter units out this month!

Two BIG shipping notices:

  • There is one thing that could stop that from happening though… We need shipping addresses and payments to be able to send out printers! Remember to check your email for a link to do these things. We’re still waiting on 37 North American backers and 48 International backers.
  • Since every state, province, country have their own tax and duty rates, it is really difficult for us to anticipate them and bake them into shipping cost. Be aware that Fedex will charge these fees on delivery. We’ve seen that our American backers especially have been caught by surprise… possibly because they don’t usually purchase things online from outside the States.

Awesome Unboxing

One of our many awesome backers, Edward Prevost, pretty much live tweeted his unboxing and first print yesterday. Our entire team had it open on our computers the entire time… it was pretty exciting for us to watch! Take a look

Voltera Swag

Last summer many backers asked if they could purchase a Voltera t-shirt or those awesome rulers we had during the campaign. Unfortunately we were out of stock and it fell by the wayside for a long, long time. Well, we finally have them up on our store if you’d still like to grab one!

Let’s See What You’ve Got

In case you couldn’t tell from these last few updates, we get absolutely giddy when we see pictures and videos of all of you in your Voltera shirts or printing your first circuits. If you want to make our day, share pics with #madewithvoltera, add them to the forums, or if social media isn’t your forte, then just drop it into this folder. We’re hoping to do a big collage or something to show off our amazing backers!

That’s All Folks

We cannot believe how close we are to fulfilling all the printers. It will be so strange not sending these updates twice a month. I hope you’ve enjoyed this ride as much as we have. Okay, I’m going to stop right there before I start sobbing.

See you in two weeks!

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