June Update 1 — Durability Testing

We’re getting closer to being ready to ship batch 2 printers! All parts except redone bridges have now arrived at our office, and we can really make progress with the assembly process.

This week we want to tell you about how we ensure the V-One is as dependable as possible. To achieve this, we put the V-One through several test to make sure it both arrives to you in good shape, and your printer will last.

Lifetime Testing
We put the V-One through rigorous tests, beyond what the average user will put their printer through, to ensure we know the printer can endure any situation it encounters.

The first step in getting lifetime testing up and running was to write a python test script to make the printer run over and over and over until we turn it off. 4 units were run through over 100 hours each on lifetime testing, and 1 unit hit 260 hours!

Lifetime testing includes random motion (at random speeds) of all 4 axes that move: X, Y, Z and E (aka the dispensing “axis”). This is actually more strenuous than a printer’s normal operation, since there is only minor movement of the Z and E axes when X and Y are in motion, and this only happens some of the time. So these tests are actually subjecting the printer to more internal vibration than it will normally see. The fact that they’re still functional and in good working order is huge!

Drop Testing
Shipping can be a tumultuous process. We don’t have a package dropping mechanism to test shipping conditions, so Amanda and Mike simulated the conditions by dropping packed printers from different heights.

Printers seemed to be in good working order afterwards, but we have a few more tests we want to run before we break out the bubbly on these.

That’s all we have for this week, but we’ll be back in two weeks with a production update!

- The Voltera Team

Originally published at www.kickstarter.com.

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