June Update 2 — Team Update

Things are starting to get hectic!

It’s been a big week for the software team.
While writing the software for the B1 units it took forever to generate a decent Windows installer, and the auto update feature was pretty buggy. We expected redoing these two tasks to take the better part of two weeks — but Troy and Jesus managed to hammer them out in 2.5 days! The Mac installer is scheduled for completion this week. The new software architecture is already making our lives so much easier!

It lives!

We used to have separate probing sequences for printing and solder paste dispensing because the latter had to take into account things like pre-existing pads and holes. The team tried unifying them under one algorithm but certain missing edge cases and rounding errors made some points fall outside the mesh we use to map the surface. This resulted in the printer sporadically crashing the nozzle into the board! It took a while to find the root cause but once we figured it out we patched the problem right away.

Nozzle graveyard

The difficulty we experienced in diagnosing the previous bug caused the team to make big updates to the logs that are created during the print process. This will be a huge help when it comes to troubleshooting.

We’re all done in China
The last of the batch 3 parts have been ordered, packaged, and shipped out of Shenzhen! This includes the linear rails, several kinds of shafts, bearings, and injection molded plastic. Kat is finally back home after meticulously handling all the Chinese parts since February!

Our North American suppliers are knocking it out of the park
The extruded aluminium from China we complained about for months would get graded A/B/C/D/F by us when we inspected them. Anything that was an F either got scrapped or turned into an internal testing unit. There were A LOT of Fs with that supplier. Now that we have moved extrusion back to North America we’re seeing almost all A’s!

New bridges, ready to be installed!

The orders for all sheet metal, extrusion, and heaters have been placed and will be delivered to us in batches over the next several weeks. Many units are already in various stages of assembly based on the parts we’ve already received, and now the real fun is going to begin!

Our business development team has also been hard at work
We launched a new website to replace the old landing page. It really shouldn’t have taken this long! There are a few features still in the works (like forums, and a web store), and more content is in the works, but take a look and let us know what you think! Emailkickstarter@voltera.io with any bugs or ideas you have!

Kelly is at the Canadian Engineering Education Association conference this week. One of the great things about the V-One is that it really does reduce the barriers to designing electronics and we’re now looking to learn how we can put the V-One to good use helping teach the developers of tomorrow.

Lastly, we’re also making sure to spend some time on ourselves and causes we support
Pat recently completed a 210km ride to raise money for cancer research. He rides in this event every year, but this year he blew past his personal records. We’re very proud of him!

Way to go Pat!

We also celebrated our 3rd birthday last week! We’re so proud of what we have accomplished, and honoured to have backers like you supporting us. Here’s to many more years ahead of us!

Most of the team taking a mid-day birthday break!

We’ll be back in two weeks to keep you updated on production!

- The Voltera Team

Originally published at www.kickstarter.com.