September Update 1 — Double Sided Printing Is Here!

We wanted to share details about a big software update followed by some general shipping updates

Solder Paste Video

If you don’t already follow us on facebook, (well first of all, why not?) you should take a look at this solder paste video we put together. Big thanks to Kat and Jesus for putting it together!

Double sided printing and more

Troy has been working like crazy over the past few weeks to push double sided printing out by the end of August. They go over the release notes in this post. We’re really proud of this feature and it is pretty simple to use once you know what is going on so make sure you go over the user docs as well.

Meanwhile, Jesus has been working hard on our path planning algorithms. Most notably, resolution and consistency of small pads should now be much higher. Also, in the past we’ve said we only support EAGLE and Altium but we now feel more confident in our Gerber support. However, we’re not saying it will be perfect just yet so if you are using another CAD tool and find that the Voltera software isn’t displaying it properly, contact and we’ll try to get you printing as soon as possible.

V-Ones in the wild!

Check out this great review of the V-One by Andy from Fund It Together. Andy received his printer 3 weeks ago and has already been putting it through its paces.

Amtech Electrocircuits thinks we’re pretty cool. Well, we think the same about them! If you’re posting about us on your blog, let us know and we can push it out to all of our followers as well!

Last call for shipping info

We’ve reached out to everyone several times now to collect shipping info but still have a few holdouts. As you can imagine we are receiving new orders for V-Ones every day so we’re marking Sept 30 as the deadline for submitting your shipping information. Beyond that, we will still ship your printer but cannot guarantee that we will have inventory to ship it out immediately.


Finally, our friends at Wazer have launched their Kickstarter today and are already blowing it out of the water! Take a look if you’re interested in water jetting!

Stay tuned…

…later this week or early next week for big update from us.

Thanks everyone!