Roadshow: Dynamic event with numerous encounters @ Energy Startup Day 2018

November 29, 2018: The Energy Startup Day is a yearly event organized by ZHAW connecting ground-breaking Swiss start-ups to incumbent companies, public institutions and new actors to foster relationships and collaboration.

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VOLTEX team @ 1-minute pitch

A total of 33 attending start-ups held a 1-minute pitch each. After this section the audience had the opportunity to get in touch with the start-ups at their stands. For the VOLTEX team it was a very exciting and efficient event, especially the Startup Poster Fair. A large amount of interested people visited our stand to better understand our product. Fortunately, everyone has recognized our vision of the new energy world and they look forward to our next steps. The organizer ZHAW arranged for every start-up three 1:1-meetings. This enabled our product to be presented to two power stations and to a technology fond. We are looking forward to get in touch soon with the numerous new encounters.

We at VOLTEX would like to thank the organizers for this event.

The blockchain-based energy ecosystem for a sustainable future of our planet Earth.

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