Roadshow: Successful start for VOLTEX @ Digital Energy World 2018 in Berlin

September 24, 2018: The roadshow was launched by the VOLTEX team at the Digital Energy World 2018 in Berlin. Experts, visionaries and practitioners come together every year to discuss unprecedented opportunities. Business models and already tested practical examples were the focus of the conference.

The VOLTEX team was invited by the organizer at short notice. In addition to the numerous interesting lectures on various technologies, founder, Emanuell Tomes, presented VOLTEX’s opportunities in the Energy Start-up Networking section. A three-minute pitch in which an expert audience was simultaneously the jury. The best start-up got a free exhibitor place for the 19th FORUM NEW ENERGY WORLD 2018 in Berlin.

VOLTEX three-minutes pitch

Among the seven competitors VOLTEX took second place and aroused the interest of those present. Above all, the motivation of VOLTEX to promote renewable energy in an innovative and efficient way, enthused the jury.

We at VOLTEX would like to thank the organizers and appreciate the good networking at this event.

presentation @ Digital Energy World 2018