VOLTEX is expanding its network @ Swiss Energy Expert Day 2018

October 10, 2018: The roadshow continues in Zofingen, Switzerland. Swisspower organized a conference the Swiss Energy Expert Day 2018. Swisspower is the strategic alliance of 22 Swiss municipal utilities and regional utility companies in Switzerland.

The SEE-Day is focused on implementing the innovation potential of start-ups in an entrepreneurial way. The challenge is to connect the local energy experts from the Swiss energy sector with the future energy worlds. The SEE Day invited professional speakers to give the listener insights into the future of the energy world.

The VOLTEX team was able to present their vision and product at an exhibition and build significant networks. The day program also intended to introduce the present start-ups within the framework 12 start-ups in 20 minutes. Here the CEO Emanuell Tomes presented VOLTEX, which resulted in interesting talks with the visitors of the SEE-Day.

VOLTEX 12 start-ups ind 20 minutes

The VOLTEX team would like to thank SWISSPOWER for a successful event.

Link: https://swissenergyexpert.ch/swiss-energy-expert-day/