A Mandatory ‘Chill’ Day in Seminyak/Ubud after Much Adventure

After the most adventurous day of my life, which I wrote about here, it was only right that my friend and I had a lazy day.

The day started off with breakfast in our hotel in Seminyak (full English breakfast, fresh fruits, smoothies and milo — the right start to a day!). I love that they are Milo lovers in Asia!

We walked down to a restaurant to have some yummy mocktails and proceeded to a spa. I read on many review websites that a massage in Bali is a must! Thus, I had to check it out. We had full body massages which were heavenly and proceeded to have a pedicure.

Our lazy day in Bali was one of the best days we had there!

We left Seminyak and went on a car ride to Ubud. The ride was a nice way to see the more local areas in Bali. While Seminyak is more westernised, Ubud is more traditional and exudes Balinese culture. Ubud is the more foresty area with the Monkey Forest and rice paddies. It became very popular after the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.

We got settled in and went to Bebek Bengil in Ubud for a meal. The ambience of the place was a nice addition to our lazy day. The restaurant is nicely arranged with nice paths and plants. You sit on a mat and eat. I ordered the Bebek Pelalah which is rice and chilli crispy duck. I was warned about the heat but with my Nigerian palate, I wanted to say, “I am sure I can take it”. The heat was quite normal.

We considered going to Ubud market and decided we should keep our ‘lazy day’ as a lazy day. We ended up going to our resort to rest… and that was the end of our ‘Chill’ day.

The joys of a lazy day:

  1. From when we were 3 feet tall, we have heard the saying “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. The way we live sometimes with the constant hustle and bustle if Jack was living like this, Jack would have been the dullest boy. Even on a holiday, it is nice to take a break from the much needed activities. Sometimes we travel for a holiday or go away for a weekend away and come back even more tired and stressed than when we left because it is packed with SO much activity.
  2. By taking a lazy day, you can enjoy the city in a different way. Find out what they do to relax and try and get involved in the culture.
  3. Rest, massages and good food is always a good idea!!!

Have you been working yourself into the ground? Please make Jack a bright boy and take a break!