Allow us Reach for the Stars: Grow in areas of interest

Different people have different types of intelligence. Some are more artistic, some musical, some number smart, some word smart and so many others. Some people will be skilled dancers; others will be exceptional designers or powerful speech deliverers or political giants.

We all have different gifts inside of us. Sometimes all we need is to see beyond our present state, identify the value in us, and we embark on the journey to cut and polish that gift in order to bring out its full splendour.

I love being a chemical engineer. It combines my DEEP passion for maths with my fascination with science. It feeds my curiosity and allows me explore my creative side.

My love for engineering has not always been smooth sailing; however, I am thankful that my parents encouraged me to pick my subjects & hobbies based on my aptitude & interests, not gender. I selected mathematics, further mathematics, chemistry and physics at A-levels, and I never even considered that STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects were for boys and not me.

I never felt out of place despite being part of a handful of girls in most STEM environments. Looking back now, I am grateful I was given opportunities to grow in my areas of interest.

It is my hope that young people are allowed to embrace themselves (gifts, aptitude, interests), given the opportunities to grow in their giftings and are encourage to be their best.

I believe every child (both boys and girls) should be given access to quality education, given the right support to be all they can be and be allowed to reach for the stars.

This is a post on an excerpt from the book ‘Everyone Deserves to Sparkle’ because Everyone really does deserve to Sparkle!