My Hand Luggage Full of Books

At every check point in different airports, I always got the same questions, ‘why do you have so many books?’ ‘Are they for sale?

My answer each time: ‘No. I just love books. I am a reader, so I have plenty books to read on my trip. I am a writer, so I have a few copies of my book in there as well’.

I got a thumbs up each time. ‘That is great! Keep reading’. ‘Wow, you are an author. That is amazing.’

I love words! I remember my passionate love affair with writing started before falling in love with reading; however, I fell quite hard when I discovered both passions.

I was 7 years old when I learnt about different types of poems and I was fascinated by the power of words. I started writing then and I have been writing ever since. I write for everything: to express myself, to make my imagination come alive, to motivate, to relief boredom, to understand my emotions, to get rid of stress… and to make the most of an adventure :). Writing is pretty much part of me.

I was 13 when I read my first proper book (Not Archie comics). It was thriller, I could not put the book down. I was so captivated that I wanted to jump to the end of the book to find out who the villain was. My love for reading was off and on. I did not become an avid reader until I was 21. I mean I was in love with reading my school books, but my love for general reading started at 21.

Based on these two passions, it is only natural that I packed a luggage full of books!

What books were in my hand luggage?

  1. A Chronological Life Application Study Bible (NLT): Now this alone probably weighs 3kg; however, I will struggle to go anywhere without my Bible. And if I could pick one, it will be this amazing Study Bible. The Bible has never come alive to me the way it does with the Chronological Life Application Study Bible. The chronological order makes the books and stories intriguing as you understand the flow of how things occurred. Also, the life applicable explanations make the Bible very relevant to 2017. This is highly recommended.
  2. Everyone Deserves to Sparkle (by Vome Aghoghovbia): This book is my baby, my first fruit, a product of a childhood dream come true. As a result, I rarely leave my house without it. I had an interesting conversation with an elderly British man on the plane (the nicest man with the loveliest family — intelligent kids, close family). Our conversation started when he found out I went to UCL and I discovered he and his son studied at Imperial and his daughter is about to go to UCL. We had an insightful chat and it is during conversations like this that ‘Everyone Deserves to Sparkle’ tends to come up.
  3. Half Of A Yellow Sun (by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie): I love Chimamanda’s novels. The first one I read was ‘Purple Hibiscus’ and I could not put the book down. I remember getting ‘Americanah’ as soon as it came out and I read that big book in like 3 days. So it is surprising I have never read ‘Half of A Yellow Sun’. This is one of those books that has been on my book list FOREVER but I never got to it. I decided to start it when I went to Glenelg beach. Nothing excites the imaginative mind like a beautiful view, good weather and absolute relaxation. On the beach, I got the desire to read and the prompting to write.
  4. TED Talks (By Chris Anderson): My best friend, Mr Incredible got me this book as one of my travelling gifts. I had been speaking about improving my public speaking skills and I guess my best friend, Mr Incredible had been listening. I was very glad to add this book to my hand luggage of books. It is good to take a book that will add to your personal development as well.
  5. Gods and Kings (By Lynn Austin): This is another book that has been on my book list for like 7 years. One of my sisters was raving on about it and the first time I picked it up, I stopped at page 10. She almost disowned me for picking this book up and not finishing it in 2 days. Till this day, this is the only thing she is not proud of me for (my inability to finish Gods and Kings). I have tried to finish this book like 3 times. But I say, the 4th time is the charm. On this adventure, I will challenge myself to finish Gods and Kings. I heard it is a great book. I just need to get beyond the first 20 pages.
  6. The Famous Five — Five on a Treasure Island (by Enid Blyton): I once mentioned that I never read all the Enid Blyton books. We had lots of them growing up and for some reason when I became old enough to read, many of the books had been borrowed and never returned. I never asked for them to be replaced, thus I did not read all the Enid Blyton books. One of my sisters heard this and bought a whole pack of Enid Blyton books for me. I really have amazing people that listen to the random statements I make. So this is a book I am reading on my trip.

I had initially packed 12 books and realised I cannot take all of them with me. I was allowed only one 30kg luggage and a small hand luggage and I had loads to take with me. I was gutted but this is the top 6 I picked for different sentimental reasons.

What type of books are your ‘must haves’ on a trip?