Petting a Koala, Snorkelling in Bali… Overcoming fears

And here is a list of things I have done in the last four months that I never thought I would….

Four months ago, I took a giant step to move to Australia on my own and to explore a few countries during my time there. I thought of cancelling my trip so many times. It was so scary venturing on an unfamiliar path. I was anxious, but the possibilities also got me super excited — the things I will see, the people I will meet and the experiences I will live.

Today, I can firmly say the adventure has given me more than I ever imagined. Through exploring islands in New Zealand, driving through the hills of Australia, eating exotic meals in Bali, and strolling through the buzz in Singapore, I have met interesting people, built unique friendships, seen awe-inspiring scenery and explored quirky places. I have grown and lived these past few months; I have done many great things I never thought I would be bold enough to do. This is a list of five surprising amazing things:

1. I spent the day petting a 2-year-old Koala named Lenny, stroking a Wallaby and taking selfies with cute Kangaroos.

I walked around Gorge Wildlife where some animals are free to roam. To fully understand how this is doing it afraid for me, you need to understand that I am terrified of animals. I will not even go close to a puppy on a leash. Four months down the line, I am standing inches away from many kangaroos taking roo-selfies with the unique creatures.

P.S: Interesting story: When the English people got to Australia, they asked the Aboriginals, “What is the name of that animal?”. They replied, “Kangaroo” which actually meant “I do not understand you in their language”.

I am learning to face my fears… with wisdom of course. The ideal would have been to feed the kangaroos and hold the koala, but I am taking baby steps and enjoying the journey!

2. Eating a kangaroo at an Australian BBQ
When I first got to Australia, I was told I can’t leave an Aussie bbq without trying a kangaroo. So I took a bite! I have tried many lovely dishes since I set off on my travel adventure and I have loved them all as a proud foodie; however, I never thought I would eat a kangaroo. Sorry to my cute furry friend!

3. Snorkelling in Bali
I wrote about my snorkelling experience here. I was wearing a life jacket and there were certified divers all around me. It was safe; however, just before I entered the ocean at Nusa Penida, I asked my instructor if there are sharks in the water and she goes, “There might be, but you will ’probably’ not see them. Plus they are more afraid of you than you are of them. Many of them are herbivorous sharks

I thought to myself, “Vome!!! What are you doing oh?”.

4. Hiking in South Australia 
Being a homebody, your best moments are under your duvet watching a TV show. Climbing up hills with nature all around you isn’t your top activity. It does not help that just climbing up staircases is my exercise quota for the day. I got to Morialta Conservation Park and saw a sign saying there might be wild animals in the bushes. Safe to say I climbed up panting and scanning the bushes all the way through… super proud of myself!!!

5. Traveling to a Singapore on my own
I never thought I would be able to travel somewhere faraway that I had never been to on my own. I do almost everything with my loved ones and I really love ‘familiar’. To my surprise, exploring the beautiful city as a lone ranger has been one of the highlights of my trip.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can feel so strange and stretching beyond your normal will be met by resistance

As uncomfortable as it can be, it can be such a rewarding experience.

To me petting a koala is doing it afraid, what kangaroo are you going to pet today?