The KKK isn’t Reading The New York Times Op-Ed Pages
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

As a white dude I’m not really scared, etc. of much beside rent payments. All I refuse to do is let any party (liberal, conservative, etc.) or social movements set my own personal morality without a darn good argument.

I think the left has been guilty for a long time of not making any argument but just dictates terms. The point of an argument, as you say, is the other side doesn’t agree! It needs some logic.

But I think the Left has become so “no arguments admitted” and ideological because they aren’t even in a dialogue anymore. Sad really, communism kills a bit more than fascism…

I also just see things so differently, I think this whole thing went down like the story of Elisha and Prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18 (though I hold Trump irreligious and far from prophetic):

The left cried “Bigotry” but the magic didn’t happen, then Trump mocked them “Call him louder… perhaps He sleeps, or hunteth!” and they cut and gashed themselves, but still when they called again “sexism” but it had lost its “magic” to conjuring up the god. Nothing happened.

Then Trump said, “pour water on the alter” three times… the media said “surely he cannot light the fire”… the prophets of Baal said “he blasphemes and utters the “controversial saying”” but in the end Trump said “something different” and it >>had power<< (and if we like it or not) the fire was lit.

Now, the Left looks like Jezebel did: angry, plotting revenge, and consolidating power without realizing the big contest is already lost… and Ahab is just sitting there… repeating the words “this -ism, that -ism” when he doesn’t even feel it anymore.

But the pragmatic effect has been that the trigger-words have lost the power to immediately effect change. And the Left is guilty in-part because of perceived (if true or not) over-use. Honestly, I suspect Trumps language was aimed to specifically prove that calling him bigoted WONT WORK and to break his opponents rhetorical power.

HAHAHA maybe not too feminist or communist to see it that way but I’m a proud capitalist anyways.

Still, I think for the Left things now actually look more hopeful.

It just means the -isms need to be tackled with discussion now and not new -isms. Which I can live with. I don’t think that we can fix these situations of labeling people by just making new labels. The thing is they are all people, and all deserve respect, not monikers.

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