As the occasional writer of word problems, thanks for the insights on how your brain works.
David Ng

I’m not really sure how my brain works until I write stuff like that down, to be honest… I hadn’t thought of putting the question before the description of the problem until I was breaking it down step by step, so it was as much an insight for me as it was for you! I think the way that those equations are phrased just overloads my brain with too much information too soon, sometimes I can’t even get a narrative out of them, it’s just numbers. However, I believe that were I to practice a certain number of these problems, after a point it wouldn’t be overwhelming anymore. I do like the idea, though, of allowing the student to sit with an image first, to get used to it, before adding the problem to be solved. And yes, I had, up to this point, just thought of that process as arithmetic. Now I am claiming the algebra badge with pride!

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