Entrepreneurship — Week 2 : Part 1

In this week my work was divided mainly in 2 different phases:

  1. Business Knowledge and Business Model Canvas
  2. How to apply my knowledge in a real prospective


After my readings concerning the business model, I decided to start to try to use the business model canvas in order to get an overview of my idea as well as eventually explore some other possibilities.

The fist idea has been thinking about being a freelancer for small/independent hospitality companies.
Sketch of the Business Canvas for the first idea
The second idea has been to work as a “general” freelancer on one side and on the other work on some prints/crafts to sell on different platforms
Sketch of the Business Canvas for the second idea
The third idea, is a little bit different and it will involve the promotion and communication for a small touristic area
Sketch of the Business Canvas for the third idea
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