Entrepreneurship — Week 5:

Study Case

As suggested by my mentors, I decided to to create a study case for having a more clear idea of the problems and issues I would face in develop my business idea. Since I moved back in Italy, I started here analyzing the companies in the surroundings that would fit my target. After having a talk with different companies, I decided to take “Music Store”, a cocktail bar nearby, as my study case. Music Store is an independent, small cocktail bar that stand out for its assortments as well as for its aspect. I first start analyzing whit the information available on line and analyze them.

Some pics about previous logos, Facebook posts and profile, Social media
Small research about similar place and social media material
Brainstorming and Questions for the interview

After that I contacted the owner and I ask him if it would be possible have an interview and be involved in a case study regarding his bar. I prepared the questions and I went to the bar for having a look and do the interview (here the answers). After have analyzed the interview and the needs of the owner, I decided to going in this direction:

  1. Create a simple Visual Identity for the bar (logo-business cards…)
  2. Shoot pictures of food and drinks to be used on social
  3. Prepare updates for social media for making aware the bar consumers about the quality and the range offered by the bar

I started with creating an Empathy Map ( like the one seen in the “Business Model Generation”) , than I start brainstorming for a logo, taking in consideration what was existing, the bar needs and features, and the purpose of the logo.

Draft of the logos: I have just sent them to my mentors in order to get feedback, after that I will show them to the owner and discuss about them.

BUSINESS IDEA: Self promotion reflections

During this week I have also keep working on my business idea. Starting a study case has helped me a lot realizing which are the obstacles I can face during my work. It has been helpful also for understanding which are my strength and weaknesses, and more on a business side, to try to understand how much time is worth to spend on the different tasks.

I reconsidered my plans and the way I would like to promote my self. I start to do a personal SWAT analysis and remembering my last meeting with my mentor, Helen, I start to re think about my visual identity. I decided to keep the Ant logo that I used so far, redesigning it a little in order to make it look more clear and memorable. At the same time a restarted to work on my business cards and portfolio.

My old logo, Ant is the first part of my surname, usually the one that people remember. Looking at the logo people some time don’t take the A of Ant for an F. The idea is to simplify it and make a more clear connection with the animal and its features connected with what I would like to communicate regarding my work (ants are team workers, small but hard workers, they can live and adjust to different situations and environments..)
The Idea for this project is to do a Lithography to print on some waiter pad. It suppose to be very simple and clean, especially considering the target, that it is not so present on line and prefer personal meetings and contacts.
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