Which saddest sight have you ever witnessed?

Ten wild dogs belonged to a community’s late monarch. Every one of his servants who disobeyed him was tortured and eaten by him using them. The king didn’t appreciate one of the servants who offered an incorrect opinion. So he gave the order to toss the servant to the dogs.

I worked for you for ten years, and now you treat me like this? Give me ten days before you throw me to those dogs, please! The king concurred.

The servant informed the guard who looks after the dogs that he would like to serve them for the following ten days during those ten days. The guard was perplexed but agreed, and the servant began feeding, cleaning, bathing, and otherwise tending to the dogs’ needs.

After the ten days, the king gave the order to have the servant punished by being fed to the dogs. We were all shocked to discover that the hungry dogs were merely licking the servant’s feet when he was tossed in.

The king, perplexed by what he was witnessing, uttered:

What happened to my dogs, you ask?

The attendant responded, “Even though I only worked with the dogs for ten days, they remembered me. Despite the fact that I gave you my all for five years, you only remembered my first error!”

The monarch acknowledged his error and commanded the servant’s release.

This post is a warning to all individuals who only remember the kind things someone does for them after they have wronged them. Don’t let a mistake you don’t like ruin a piece of history that is full of good.

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