The offer is way too low, but I don’t have a choice? Do I have a choice?

So I came across this article regarding Filipino freelancers and how they are getting paid or getting offered by clients locally and abroad, and that hits me, since I’m also getting offers like that, I even grab an opportunity to be part of that kind of system, but there’s always a catch… Sales and Marketing.

Being a salesperson myself, the first thing you have to establish is how you will sell yourself. I remember when I applied for this pharmaceutical company, this is the very first interview experience that I had, I was so nervous, I was so tensed that the first question the interviewer have for me is “How will you sell this pen?”. How will I sell it?! I know how to sell it! That’s what my mind is telling me, but out of nervousness, I was mentally blocked, oh my! umm… hold on… okay… hmm… how to sell this pen…

It took me awhile to answer that specific question, and it turns out that my answer was not in favor for him, the result, I didn’t get the job. This is the point in my life that I started focusing on how do I sell myself, how do I stand out of other candidates, what are my advantages, what are my weaknesses, what else can I offer to contribute positive results to the company that I am aiming for and how can I easily maneuver an interview to be in my favor.

The bottom line here is that, if you’re aiming for a pay that you think you deserve, you have to analyze yourself first, am I selling the right pen to the right client? what are the advantages of my pen with the other pens on the market? what will the client get if they buy my pen? in short, you have to know who you are and what you can do. There are lots of clients online right now, they are willing to pay top cash for the right candidates, there are also entrepreneurs who are just starting to put up a business which, of course, they only have low capitals to start from, and they are looking to spend the lowest cost possible that they can save an ample amount of money, this is what entrepreneurs called “cost conscious”.

And just to give the clients an idea, especially foreign clients, Philippines is a third-world country, but it’s growing fast, it is the 10th fastest growing economy in the world this year and Philippines’ economy is expected to advance between 6.5 to 7.5 percent. That’s almost twice the country’s long-term growth.Meaning, expenditures are growing high, and Filipinos needs to cope up with the markets demand. Unfortunately, the salary rates right now for an average employee is around P12,000.00 up to P18,000.00 per month, roughly $230–350 a month, a BPO employee will get an estimate of P18,000.00 to P25,000.00 a month, that’s around $350–$490. But in order for a family of three (3) to have a decent life in the metro (it differs when it comes to suburbs or province), meaning, they can send their children to a decent school, pay the rent and bills, eat three (3) to four (4) times a day, can secure some amount for hospital bills and emergency situations while spending a little on they wants. So Filipinos tend to venture online with high hopes of getting a client that can pay them at least $3.00 and hour to start from, it’s $12.00 for a four (4) hour job, and it sums up at around $60.00 per week, if it’s a five (5) days work, and $240.00 if the project runs for a month, or P12,000.00, not even close to P90,000.00 right? But the benefit here for the Filipinos is that, they can work from home, to the comfort of their houses that’s far from the exaggerated traffic of Manila, they can spend quality time with their kids, if they can secure at least three (4) part-time jobs for four (4) hours each that sums up to P48,000.00 a month, enough to pay the bills, to put food on the table, to save a little but not yet close to getting a decent living, but it’s close enough.

We need to understand that if you want to fish in deep waters, and get big fishes, you need a sturdy fishing rod, maybe top of the line ones, and a sturdy line and hook, which will result to you getting that big fish, but if you only have an ordinary fishing rod, which you just bought somewhere, then you might get that big fish, but along the way, your rod will break, and the fish will jump out of the hook, are you getting what I’m saying? Invest in yourself, learn and study every possible tools that you think you need if you want to venture out in Digital Marketing or in eCommerce, or in any job or business that you may want to have. Prepare the right ammo for the war, and then everything will start off from there.

We cannot demand something that will not benefit the other, one way or around it should be fair and just, you have this, they’ll give you this, they have this, you give them this, it always takes two to tango. The clients are there, they will simply make the most out of what they will pay or spend, if you feel it’s way too low for you, then politely reject the offer, if you feel you deserve it, grab it, if along the way you think that you need a raise because you feel like you’ve gained sufficient skills and knowledge that will contribute more to the business, then again, politely ask, if your client says no, you explain yourself, you discuss, if its not in your favor, you can leave anytime.

Negotiation, Marketing and Salesmanship is the main key ingredients here. Not rants, nor angst. Let’s all work together hand in hand.

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