Life flash backs

A certain belief said that after you die, your whole life will flash back at you.

I’ve always imagined what I would feel like if I’d die right now and watch myself live the most awkward human life. It’ll probably be like one of those Crocodile hunter shows in animal planet but this version doesn’t have Steve Irwin or any animals in it. Basically its shit.

I lived a pretty normal life so far. I was pulled out through the cave of wonders and had my headphone cord removed (unintended iphone pun). I was taken care of by my 2 evolved prime ape parents and transformed me into this steamy marshmallow looking guy. I was forced to listen to other evolved apes yapping about topics I didn’t really cared about and I was rewarded with a piece of paper stating that I know the difference of dog shit and cat shit.

After getting a few more papers stating proofs of my intellectual genius, I now work as a professional shape drawer to earn more pieces of paper (because thats just how it is in this paper-driven world). I continued this cycle and pushed all my efforts to not getting fired. Then poof! Dead.

This is probably how my big screen movie would look like. Sad right?

I’ve had a lot of regrets in each step of my amazingly boring life. I regretted being too annoyingly quiet in class. I regretted not pushing out my not-so-crappy ideas. I regretted not talking to the lady apes who wanted my brown steamy goodness (not true lol). I regretted this, I regretted that, I regret… As I swam through this pool of bad decisions, I felt really stupid and angry. What was I thinking back then. If only I could time slap myself in the past.

I hated it so much on how I lived my life fearing of popping my ego bubble. I know what needs to be done. I know where to go. I know exactly what I should do, but still I end up not doing shit. I guessed I took the mentality of: how people are too focused in maintaining their own while wishing on some other peoples larger bubble.

Continue this, and I’ll surely end up getting a shitty big screen movie.

Luckily, I’m still breathing. I still have a lot of years to burn on (hopefully). And as I continue moving on, I’ll always keep this life movie concept in mind to avoid making safe decisions all the time. Decisions that my ‘current age + 10 years’ would time slap me for.

And maybe someday in my after life, my big screen movie wouldn’t be so bad after all.

I hope this short concept sharing will help you in somewhat way :) and hopefully you enjoyed reading as well. Will push more content soon!