Why You Should Be Kind to People You Hate
Zat Rana

Great story, thank you so much. Was trying to type a long reply, but got too complicated, so just wanted to say it reminded me of the “golden rule”, do unto others……….which is always good. It also reminded me that I can always act as if (fill in the blank)….when things come up that stifle me, fear, resentment, envy…I can act as if I am not fearful, act as if I am not resentful…..and soon I really am not. This does not mean I do not have to address the real issues, if it applies, but sometimes my feelings are based on lies I tell myself, so acting as if has a way of straightening out my thinking. Hope that made sense. Anyway, you article did and if we could all just do a little more to do good for someone else it might just take over the world. What a concept! Thanks again.

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