The Trump Assault on LGBTQ
James Finn

It is amazing how people are not aware of the length and depth he has gone in this attack on LGBTQ rights. What is scary is that people who never seemed prejudice before are now talking shit out of their mouths. I am praying November brings us a little relief, but if it does not ?? then hopefully Mueller has some good news for us….if he does not then we are going to have to really unite in some way outside of my tiny mind and protect the rights and lives we do have. That the U.S. could be on the brink of becoming a totalitarian nation would have been laughed at ten years ago, even five and people would have said you were off the deep end. His path of actions, words, no action , no word, matches that of Hitler in so many ways. His love of Putin, Kim, and now the prince should be a big clue to some, but it’s not. I just read another story on here by Cynthia Dagnal-Myron about faith; guess I am going to have to go read it again. Thanks for sharing this, I had no clue about some of it. I am going to speak up louder from now on when I start hearing people talk crazy crap talk, it just is too much for me anymore.