How Product Hunt Helped Me Grow A List Of 12,989,483,288+ Valuable Subscribers And Generated 220k…
Matt Sydeworks

OK. I’m so totally gullible to titles that I actually left this until I had time to read it. Now I’m mildly pissed that I wasted 3 (not 4) minutes of my life. I think I’ll charge you for them. I just started a small Etsy shop and am frustrated, but happy. An oxymoron for sure, but I think I’d like to try being successful and stressed. But, still happy. I troll articles for out of the box ideas for free retail marketing ideas, with the emphasis on free. I have no support staff, just friends that work real jobs, with real incomes that they do not want to part with in a world of chaos. And I can’t blame them. I’m careful with my money and time, too. But, perhaps I can learn to laugh at myself a little more so I’ll follow you anyway. Wish me luck.

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