When thinking about the optimal $ number for your next financing round, keep in mind that investors typically expect the valuation to be ~3–4x of the new funds raised, that your round should be ~5x more than the previous one and that you need to get ~15 months runway from…

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McKinsey & SAT — 🅜🅑🅐✅

10 years ago I first became familiar with the idea of doing an MBA, when working as an analyst with McKinsey & Co in the Middle East. Colleagues spoke highly of the networking (and learning) experience, but the price tag (both fees and opportunity cost) always seemed hard to justify.

As many of you have heard already, I have just relocated to Berlin. With this post I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped make the last 5 years in London an absolutely incredible journey.


I first moved to London in February 2011 from Dubai…

Just like NYC, the startup landscape contains a lot of noise

I often get asked by people on how they can improve their chances of getting into VC.

Below I have started to summarise my advice on how to best prepare yourself “before making the move to Venture Capital”, based more or less on my own experiences and journey from Consultancy…

This is a list of some of the most common mistakes I have come across in my role as a tech VC at Wellington Partners.

As part of my recent workshop at the #Startsummit conference in St Gallen, I presented a few slides with tips covering the fundraising process for early stage startups. The “common pitfalls” slides seemed to resonate particularly well, so I decided to list them here once more.

The full set of…

What I would like to learn more about and invest in over the coming months
[Enterprise / Software]

Having been in Venture Capital for over a year now, I have had plenty of opportunity to meet really interesting individuals and teams working on an amazing variety of apps, tools, services and other tech related products.

During these calls, meetings, presentations, round tables and conferences I tried to come…

What could 2-cows-economics applied to VC look like?

You have 2 cows.

The cows actually belong to other people and you are only allowed to drink a bit of milk every month to keep you going, but you still decide to give both cows to your geeky university buddies in return for half of their company.

Experimenting with…

After a few meetings with members of the venture funding community most people would probably agree that we can all occasionally do a better job at making the most out of the interactions.

Here is what worked well for me in my recent role as a tech VC at Wellington…

Evolving selection of tech startup conferences & pitch events in 2016 with focus on the European entrepreneur and investor community

Additions and comments welcome below. It is worth noting that attending events does not alone improve the chances for success.

My impressions in italic.

2016 :

DLD (Digital Life Design) #dld16

17(Sun) – 19 January 2016
Munich (MUC), Germany
Tickets $$$ & apply
Attendees ~1,000
Great for big name speakers

Mobile World Congress #mwc16

22(Mon) – 25 February 2016
Barcelona (BCN), Spain

Stephan von Perger

Community building @Innovators_Room Previously CEO @Zenjobcom, @WellingtonVC, @Citymapper, @McKinsey; studied CompSci @UniofOxford

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