The Recycling of Glass!

Glass is used to make many every day products for daily use including light bulbs, bottles and jars among others.

By reusing or recycling these items once you are finished with them you will help the environment and save room in your waste bin. There are several things that used glass can be turned into. This includes sandpaper, Astroturf and new drinks bottles.

The jam jar that you have in the fridge may have once been a beer bottle, car windscreen or window, but you would never know the difference. This item may have been recycled multiple times in the past 20 years as the United Kingdom has the capability to recycle a huge amount every year.

Glass can virtually be recycled an infinite amount of times, but it has to stay the original colour. You will not be able to turn brown or green glass clear. It will always stay the colour that it was originally made.

Nothing is wasted during the recycle process and 100% of the glass is reused. The process also saves energy and it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that is released in the air through making new glass.

our local authority will provide you with a glass container storage box to keep it separate. It is advisable to wash out glass items before putting them out as you do not want to attract any scavengers to your home, just a quick rinse will do.

In the United Kingdom, it is estimated that over one and a half million tonnes of glass bottles ar recycled just from normal households.

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