How I Stopped Checking My Phone And Started Using It With Intention
Josh Spector

I’m not so old but I didn’t get a mobile until I was nearly 19 (or just recently turned 19) and I remain a phone-sceptic. Most days I do not take it with me when I leave the house. I do not know its number. No-one knows its number. It exists almost entirely for those few occasions when I know variability will be the order of the day. In practice it merely serves to keep me in bed that little bit longer in the morning. Which is why I think your advice is generalisable to how we engage with anything networked. (Although, in my case, willpower is the only real solution.)

(And just the other day I spent about twenty minutes in a queue and could not help but notice the many phones out and about. It’s a shame. I have met people I still talk to in such queues.)

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