So the collusion narrative that you and your ilk have been promulgating is, and always has been…
Caitlin Johnstone

No. These are not remotely the same.

What is meant by collusion may or may not be unclear (I rather suspect the plain English meaning of “working in concert for nefarious purposes” is meant¹), what exactly you mean by its being unclear is definitely not clear,¹ but these two suggestions are clearly different.

On one hand, you have a dossier that was prepared initially by non-Trump Republicans and then co-opted by some unknown Democrat and finally just worked on by an interested private citizen of another country. There are no clear direct links with the Clinton Campaign or Stein’s or Johnson’s or anyone else’s, but there are clear links with people who share the motives. Critically, however, the “collusion” here would be with a private citizen even if it turned out that the inner circle of one of these campaigns (probably Clinton’s) was responsible. (In some sense the bigger obstacle is that the collusion is not with the election per se. The dossier, you might recall, emerged in public months later. How does this kind of dossier work if it is not public knowledge?)

On the other hand, you have, as Bohl has pointed out, a man with clear connections to the Trump Campaign (the subject’s son, who then emailed in aspects/all of it to known key members of the Campaign… not motive sharers) who believed that he’d been offered an opportunity to collude. If you try to sell me some cocaine and it turns out to flour, that’s a problem if I try and buy it. (Or, if it isn’t, it should be.²) And if it then turns out it really was cocaine (i.e. the lawyer is affiliated with the Russian government, i.e. isn’t a private citizen) well, then, that’s an even bigger problem. (Notice that this happened during the election and was conceived of as something to use for the election.)

In any case, if you’re right, even if the Clinton Campaign is just as bad, that doesn’t mean:

  • People are aware that it’s equally as bad.
  • This isn’t bad.
  • Nothing should happen in terms of investigations into Trump.

What it means is that attention should be turned to what was going on in the Clinton side. Luckily, with all that emails groundwork, I am sure the FBI already has a place to start.

¹ Notice that there are lots of different ways of doing this. Observe how you have illustrated lots of different suspected ways…

² If you think cocaine should be legal this (a) is beside the point and (b) is even more irrelevant as we could just choose something you think I shouldn’t be able to buy and one of its look alikes, e.g. anthrax.

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