Why Millennials Don’t Trust Your Brand

So, you’re nearly forty? Barely twenty? Approaching 30?

The Millennial doesn’t exist. It is a conflation of two or even three market segments, which is probably why people get their heads tied up in knots when they try to talk about millennials.

None of your figures are remotely intelligible. There are about (this is a hyperbole) fifty mainstream date ranges for millennial and probably (read: I made this figure up right now) 90% of the (news/social) media discussion of millennials just uses it as an alternative for twenty-something. The other 10% is when they use a definition that stretches back into the 1980s in order to create clickbait because, hey, it turns out people who were in their mid-twenties pre-GFC think differently to those who were still in school. And what of people who were leaving school 2007/8?

I think it is also worth wondering if the millennial is a specifically American phenomenon, not that, as should be clear from the above, I really think it exists even there… at least, not as it is usually used.

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