This is a very well put together article, Chris — thanks for sharing.
Ed Holloway

Hey Ed, yeah I’ve heard of this also. To tell you the truth I’m not sure what % of HubSpot’s revenue comes from outbound sales. It’s not easily trackable using 3rd party tools or from looking at their website.

You can only go off what people inside the company say or if you’ve heard from a HubSpot outbound sales rep.

From what I’ve seen and heard I would say HubSpot use inbound marketing very heavily to fill the top of their funnel, then use a mix of these outbound strategies:

  • cold outbound (SDRs making cold calls)
  • funnel outbound (SDRs pushing people through the funnel)
  • up-sell outbound (SDRs up-selling to existing customers)

I’m not sure what % of revenue each of these outbound techniques fall into, but given the fact that they drive so much traffic via inbound and have a whole system around building specific lead assets for lead gen I find it hard to believe most fall into category #1 (ie: SDRs making cold calls).

I would have to bet on a much higher % being outbound to people who are already in their funnel, or who are already customers (which can include customers on their Free CRM plan that they promote heavily).

So the majority of the outbound revenue would not be possible without their inbound lead generation system.

I could be wrong though.