Flagstaff’s $15 Minimum Wage Hike Is A Bridge Too Far
Erik Kain

So what’s the point of this story? I do believe everyone who voted for this knew well enough what it means. If anything too many painfully know, as Flagstaff has probably the highest cost of living to wage ratio in the country. You have any idea what housing costs here?

And there are far too many service jobs in Flagstaff, and these that pay well slave wages. And that is the point. If working at a fast food restaurant is going to make the same as a medical assistant, then they are already paying far too low for that kind of job. Everyone will have to step up and that is a good thing. Walmart and every other chain store here is a burden on the community. They all need to step up. They are all not going anywhere, unless out of spite, then good riddance.

If some businesses can’t make it, then welcome to a place where it takes more than the usual worker as commodity to make it happen. Perhaps Flagstaff is not the usual place where we get the same old shit in every other generic strip-mall chain store infested anytown USA.

And none of this is going to lose jobs. That is such a backwards reasoning. The people are here, we all require services. That will not change. Perhaps the more well off will pay more to go out. But overall there will be more money for average people to spend.

Why mention teachers salary? (When is really on average less then even 40K.) Ridiculous. Everyone knows they are getting screwed. Perhaps you simply could not come up with a better example, but it shows that you really miss the whole point. Many professional jobs here don’t pay even the national average.

Actual examples of communities, even those who have gone directly to $15 are rarely talked about in your genre of economics, where the working poor get no respect. That’s because hardly any of these predictions have happened. You might hope that nobody checks any actual examples. But no, Forbes knows what is best for the middle class…not.

I feel slighted that someone would even disparage Flagstaff with this conservative propaganda. Regardless, the voters have spoken. Flagstaff is not so much the poor run down white trash place it once was and it wants to be better. So if you think fast food jobs for people under 25 need protection, then maybe this is not the place you want it be or think it should be.

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