VooGlue Big Picture

They said “We love the VooGlue big picture, just go for it”.

So we did.

Announcing the bringing forward of VooGlues heralded diversification. Brought forward on the advice of several heavy-weight crypto tycoons, this diversification was always VooGlue’s ultimate destination. It was mentioned in our original white paper, but only the arts use-case was detailed. Now we have brought the big picture front and centre, because…..

VooGlue Sticks Video To Anything

It’s true, and we always have done this, but now we have brought this big picture to the fore. The VooGlue software was always designed for…

Let’s face it, distributed ledger technology or “blockchain” is still in the very early stages. Just as in the early days of the Internet, it’s still unclear what kinds of projects will succeed.

R3 is an enterprise software firm working with over 100 banks, financial institutions, regulators, trade associations, professional services firms and technology companies to develop Corda, a distributed ledger platform designed specifically for financial services.

Over the last two years, R3 has worked with hundreds of senior technologists from dozens of leading financial institutions. No other enterprise blockchain platform has enjoyed remotely the same level of expert input.

In the art market there’s a growing gap, both economic and cultural, between the old world and the new.

In the old world, the traditional art market continues to set auction house records for art works produced at least decades and often hundreds of years ago. In the new world, we have the emergence — thanks to democratizing technologies that enable the production of high quality art at vastly reduced costs — of a new generation of artists who produce, market, and sell their art completely outside of the traditional channels.

From a buyer’s perspective, the barrier to entry in…

Interest in the VooGlue token sale has been gaining steam since the launch of the pre-sale on January 19th. Over 1,000 people are now registered at http://vooglue.io/ico/ to be eligible to purchase VGC tokens, with the first million tokens offered at the highest bonus rate steadily selling out.

To celebrate this milestone, VooGlue is giving away 200 VGC tokens (valued at over $350 at today’s ETH price!) to three lucky winners! To be entered into the draw you must either:

  1. Share the pinned post on our Facebook Page and comment on the post or:
  2. Retweet and comment on the pinned…

As of Feb 8th, we’ve launched an official publication on Telegram. From now on we’ll be posting all news and updates about VooGlue to this publication. Don’t forget to follow us there to stay up to date on the progress we’re making on our ecosystem that integrates artists, art lovers, investors, museums and galleries.

Amazing things. First keep an eye on our social media platforms and our VooGlue web platform VooGlue.com for new art creations in the VooGlue style. A group of collaborators in the art, music and film spaces will be creating innovative new art pieces on the platform using our web app to WOW us all. At the end of the ICO we will be launching our mobile app, which will allow fast and easy access to all VooGlue facilities for anyone in the arts ecosystem. Remember, VGC token owners will receive the mobile app first. Look out for enhancements to our…

When people first hear “VooGlue,” they often wonder aloud what the name means. “Sounds like a cross between Voodoo and glue,” is a common reaction.

VooGlue founder and CEO Brian Carew-Hopkins did in fact come up with the name as a combination of those two words. But since Voodoo has, like many ancient words, taken on a skewed meaning in popular culture (namely that of magical dolls with pins stuck in them to inflict pain on one’s enemies and the resurrection of the dead as zombies), it’s worth explaining Voodoo’s true meaning and how that fits together with VooGlue’s vision.

VooGlue brings together a global team of art lovers, community managers, and blockchain developers. Each team member adds to VooGlue’s vision of enabling a fair and transparent art market, enhancing the ability of artists to connect directly with their audience, and using technology to add an extra dimension to art itself.

For the benefit of the VooGlue community who may wish to understand the motives behind individual VooGlue team members, here is some information about the VooGlue team and what excites them about the project:

Brian Carew-Hopkins


“It sometimes takes people a while to really ‘twig’ to what VooGlue…

VooGlue is now conducting a pre-sale for its token generation event in order to raise funds to develop its new art ecosystem for the blockchain era. This is your chance to be an early contributor to the VooGlue project by directly investing in VGC tokens.

What is the VGC Token?

The VooGlue Token is listed as VGC and adheres to so-called “ERC-20” token standards. The ERC-20 standard establishes a common set of rules for tokens issued via Ethereum smart contracts. It currently serves as the basis for the majority of tokens that have been released through token generation events, often called initial coin offerings (ICOs).

By defining a common set of rules for ethereum-based tokens to adhere to, the ERC-20 standard allows developers of wallets, exchanges and other smart contracts, to know in advance how any new token will behave. …

VooGlue is excited to announce the start of its Bounty Campaign. This is your chance to earn VooGlue Tokens (VGC) while helping to spread the word about a completely new art-ecosystem.

A total of 5% of all VGC tokens generated will be distributed in the bounty offering. This means that if all 55,000,000 tokens are sold, 2,750,000 of them will be distributed amongst bounty participants.

Bounty participants earn “stakes” for completing tasks that help VooGlue achieve its goal of distributing all VGC tokens amongst a wide variety of buyers around the world. These tasks include things like translating our whitepaper…


Art powered by Blockchain. Follow us on our Telegram Community: https://t.me/joinchat/FvzOGQ2YZqOI59QeWk_ZhQ

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