Day[29] I bought a wrong flight ticket

haha, I laughed my ass off at the airport. So, today, I went to the airport. I was afraid of being late. So I just went for UberX. Yes, I usually use Uber Pool ( I know, poor college student T_T ). Rushing and crashing in traffic. I finally made it to the airport earlier. and then I found out that, what the heck. I bought my flight for the wrong day. lol. I support to flight out this Sunday, May-14, but I got a return flight on May-21. Lol. So I need to change flight and get my homework done while I am waiting at the airport. Oh well, I fell this is funny lol. I flight a lot but still, not experience enough I guess haha. Oh well, I learn!!!!

Ugh, I am so hungry now, I need to go security and eat