[Day 31] Final is hitting me hard

OMG, I am in my final weeks of the semester and I have so much works need to get done. T_T . I had a mental break down last week ( when I could not get my homework done on time). It is ok, haha, I am being dramatic.

I stayed up to late last night so this morning, I could not wake up. I had class from 9:40 to 10:55AM, but I did not leave my bed until 9:40 (I know, college). Therefore, I just showed up at the end of the class to get handouts and information. Also, I picked up my essay. OMG, lol, haha, I wrote that essay the night before deadlines. I wrote that 5 pages research paper in like 5 hours or so. I used all my brain power, my revising skills and my poor English lol. It turned out I got a B+/A- (not bad, not bad at all). See, deadlines are the motivations for any essays. At least for me. I guess I could go better if I started early, but I did not know what to write about and I am such a perfectionist. But writing near the deadline helps sometimes (I do not recommend it though lol). Start early, folks!!!

Oh right, got to eat and keeps crunching deadlines…

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