[Day 32] I love college

Even though you hear me complain a lot about my homework, about I need to go to bed late and go to class early. Even though I keep telling you that I do not have a life. But don't get me wrong. I LOVE COLLEGE.

After high school, I took gap years, I worked full time as a warehouse worker, as a server, as a ticket seller,…. There was a moment I wanted to go to college. I wanted to be a full time student. I calculated my saving account to see how much do I have. I decided to go to college.

College has been great. I love my classes. I did not go to college with a sake of finding a job. I want to go to college to receive my education, to learn and to have college experience. I am the student always sit in the front row. I am the one like to say “ Professor, I do not understand, can you slow down please, can you explain it again please,…”. I always leave my classes with full of thoughts about life, about human being, about philosophy and of course about Math and Computer Science problems.

Being in College also means that I do not have a lot of money. My colleagues and I all in the same situation. Therefore, we all on a look for free events, cheap and quality stuffs. We like to pay for one movie ticket to watch at least 2 movies or sometimes 3 ( haha). We mark free museum days so we can check them out. We ask for student discount like everywhere we go. They help me with the tips if I do not have money and I do the same when I can. We like to pack our own food instead of buying expensive food. We like to be friends with the ones who have cars so we can get some rides and we would pay for the gas. We like to hop on the bus and pretend that we pay for bus tickets (confession lol). We do not have a lot of money but we are rich. Rich because of the experiences and the friendships that we share. I love you, my colleagues.

Being in college means that we like to stay up late. Oh well, I do not stay up late to go my homework though. I stay up late to talk about nonsense things with my friends. My friends and I stress out over things that we know we can get it done, if we just fucking do it. haha. But we don’t. It is called procrastination.

Being in college means we like to complain and bitch about everything. We complain about our homework, your sleep routines, your tests, our grades, your poor quality of sleep, and limited saving money… We complain about being singles, about boys, girls, blah blah,…. lol. It is just your habit. Don’t take it serious, we complain, but we enjoy doing the things that we complain anyway !!!!

Eating is how my colleagues and I celebrate things. What I mean?
- Hey, I have not seen you for the whole summer, wanna eat?
- Omg, I have a test tomorrow, I am so stress out, wanna eat?
- For god sake, I get only 95/100 for my test. I hate myself. I feel so stupid. Wanna eat?
- I passed my test with a C, that is so cool, wanna eat to celebrate?
- I am so skinny, I need to gain weight, do you wanna go eat with me?
- I am gaining weight. I feel fat now. but do you wanna go eat with me @.@
Ok, that is what I mean.

Is life as fun as after college? I don't know because I am not there yet. But my college experience has been great and I hope you can experience it as well.

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