I decided to go to UC Berkeley

A little bit about my college application update. When I was doing my applications. I looked up the top schools for Computer Science and Math major. I know that I want to go to school in C.A.( yes, C.A is paradise and I am a weather person. I can not stand the cold). Therefore, My top choices were: Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cal Poly SLO, USC and UCLA.

Why do I chose UC Berkeley?

I really love SLO, it is small and it is not a research university. Therefore, it focuses more on learning and teaching for undergrad students. The deadline to do Statement Intended Register (S.I.R) was May-1. I did not do it on time. Therefore, I can not go there. I tell myself, yeah, first love is always special but it hardly lasts. It is true in this case.

I did not get in to Stanford because I was missing my documentation so they did not review my application. It is heart broken, Stanford has been my dream school. Maybe I can go there for grad school, who knows?

I visited UCLA yesterday. The campus is so beautiful. It is a nice and in a safe area of LA. I really liked it. I just did not like the department of CS there. Also, there is something missing at UCLA. It is hard to say what it is exactly. But I will try to put it in words later.

I did not feel like I can fit in USC environment. It is not eco-social diverse.

For UC Berkeley, they do not guarantee my major, I need to declare it after taking 2 CS classes, CS 61A and CS 70. I felt really intimidated. I visited the school and the department. I really like it. One of my friend, EVB, he went there for college. So I got to know his college experience and I have a sense of what I will up to.

So, I decided to go to UC Berkeley. I like the intellectual at Berkeley and the Bay in general. I visited UCLA, and I did not see it ( sorry LA, maybe I was not lucky). At UC Berkeley and the Bay Area in general, everyone thinks big. They want to change the world. They want to make an impact in the world they live in. They live not just for themselves but also for others, for their community. I can not say the same thing about UCLA and LA since I do not live there and my time there was so short to know it well. In the mean time, there are a lot of professors in EECS/CS department of UCLA, they went to UC Berkeley for their Ph.Ds. UCLA is cool but it just did not hit my G-spot ( haha, lol).

I will go to UC Berkeley and try my best to declare my major. I also have a back up plan which is if I could not declare CS as my major, I would do Applied Math with a concentration in CS. It is just a backup plan. My plan A is always priority. I can do it and I will work hard for it. So the decision has been made. I will need to move on for the transfer process and I will make the most out of my time in UC Berkeley!!!! Go Bears. Tell the whole dam world this is the Bears territory!!!

So hungry right now!!!!!

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