City Hall in Austin, Indiana, center of the HIV outbreak that caused the governor to declare a…
Leigh Cowart

Imagine my confusion upon leaving my hotel room only to find a large man taping colorful helmets above the desk. Is it colorful personal protective gear (PPE)? A reaction to Baltimore?

No, Idiot Leigh, the fucking Kentucky Derby is this weekend, and close by to where thus rural outbreak is occurring.

Very notable: the outbreak here was discovered because a nurse at the health department noticed a small uptick/cluster of cases and alerted authorities. In a county that sees 5 or fewer cases a year, I suppose several together was weird. Their savvy pattern recognition set a chain in motion that uncovered the extent of the outbreak today. Um, they are so fucking lucky to that nurse is so damn sharp.

Updated stats from the needle exchange program, from Brittany Combs, a Scott County health dept public health nurse:

Total participants: 166
Needles returned/turned in: 4329
Needles dispersed: 7146

Case updates, from Jennifer Walthall, MPH, MD: 138 confirmed, 5 preliminary positives, for a total of 143. There are 120 contacts left to trace. A total of 740 services have been rendered at the one-stop community center.

Things that locals seem to dislike (anecdotal): my hair, the way I bump that Flo Rida song from my rental car, providing clean needles to drug users.

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