WEEK#1 Vorapilailuck Thitivesa


What is my learning style?

I like to learn by doing activity. The class has to be interactive so that it keeps me awake. Maybe a little of lecture then do some fun activities which contents in the subject are applied. I enjoy participating in group works. I also prefer information to be presented in creative way because text is boring. Learning through media is easier to remember and more interesting than reading text.

How has science changed the human experience?

Science changed human experience a lot. It makes human lives more convenient than before. We can travel across ocean or continent. We are able to communicate to the person who is at another side of the earth. We have no barriers to communication. Technology in medical profession is up-to-date. Doctors are able to treat patients more effective through this high technology. Science creates technology that makes human lives easier and better.

What does the word “technology” mean to you?

For me, technology means tools that help human works easily and effectively. Now, technology is a foundation of our life. Most of everything we do requires technology. Technology is useful to human, it has unlimited possibilities.

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