I love Technology Radar by ThoughtWorks. It’s a recurrent written reflection on tools they use. For example, Languages And Frameworks section tells us they are to try every JS framework in existence. It’s noble. We can’t all just have fun writing the frameworks. Somebody have to use them.

Anyway, I thought that if a 5000+ people international software company which existed for a couple of decades could do it, then why couldn’t I? Look, I’m even three years older than that company.

So, in this issue we gonna discuss IDEs.

The year is 2017, the OS is Windows, the stack…


Motivation sucks. You can’t build anything substantial upon it. Rushing into McDonald's in the morning after a party to demolish a Royal Cheeseburger (or a Quater Pounder, I double dare you) is just about the limit of what you can achieve on a pure motivation. If you are in for the long run, the word you’re looking for is discipline. There’s a whole Internet about it, so I won’t elaborate on it here.

With this sorted out, here’s my selection of motivational fast-food.

Number One: Alec Baldwin on basics of being a salesman

I originally bumped into this one here. I won’t try to compete neither with David Wong…

I’ve been using the RabbitMQ in production for 3 years and up until recently, I haven’t considered the fact that you may sometimes consume the same message twice.

Let’s illustrate the idea.

Somewhere in our web app, we have a code which is triggered on every HTTP request. Among other things, it logs requests by posting messages to RabbitMQ.

public class HitMessage
public string UserIp { get; set; }
public DateTime Timestamp { get; set; }

Somewhere else we have a handler which dumps it into MongoDB.

public static void LogHitRequest(HttpRequestReceived message) { requestCollection.InsertOne(new RequestDocument { UserIp =…

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