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The back yard was huge

Chocolate Cardamom Cashew Butter Ice Cream

I’ve made lots of ice cream and have finally hit on something I think is worth sharing with folks. This makes a tasty, rich, chocolate-flavored…

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There are a zillion sriracha recipes on the net now. This is a pretty standard one. As with many food things, it’s hard to go wrong as long as you know how to e.g. not burn the house down.

Take a bunch of red peppers. The flavors of the peppers will change the flavor of the sauce, but mostly it’ll taste great if you get great tasting peppers, so don’t worry about it.

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A Twitter-based party game

Earlier this evening, @danfuzz told me that some of his friends were playing a game called “Tweet or Twenty” in which everyone around a table selects a Cards Against Humanity white card and either must post the content to their Twitter account or pay $20 into a pot. The idea is that if the card is too embarrassing, you’d rather pay…

How to Get Here From the Melbourne Airport

For Americans—adapted from an email to my brother

First: the taxi queue is extremely formal; you have to go through…

Australia: First Observations

from a Californian

In the final month of 2012 I left my cozy home on a hillside in San Francisco to become an immigrant in Australia…

Fixing Politics

As often happens, elections give me occasion to think about why our American political systems are so broken and what can reasonably be done about them. The short story here is that I don't think anything is going to be done to make things better—probably ever. At least until the global economy completely collapses, after which we'll descend into a few decades of highly…

The Best Hot Sauce

There used to be a hot sauce maker called “Bustelo’s” which aged their sauce in oak barrels. It was different from anything else, in a good way. The oak gave the sauce depth…

Change it up

I recommend that you start a practice of sometimes doing things with your nondominant hand when possible.

This may sound silly but it will have widespread benefits for you in terms of general mental flexibility--ability to generate and use new solutions.

Some things to try with your alternate hand: