Daily Social Media Tips Week One:

  1. List your retail location on Instagram, so when fans share images from your store they can check in for all their friends to see!
  2. Post Consistently — Some platforms generate a following faster than others. However you should come up with a routine for posting that matches your goals.
  3. Be picky when sharing content from other pages. Ensure it helps your audience and is also entertaining and relevant to their interests.
  4. Partner with non-competing brands in your target market to curate shareable content. Cross brand giveaways can be an extremely effective way to raise social engagement.
  5. Think of inventive ways to encourage your followers to follow you on more than one platform. The plat form you use today may not be as effective for organic reach tomorrow!
  6. One of today’s biggest lost opportunities is monitoring your brand on social media. Today anybody can say what they like about your brand, good or bad. Stand out by responding to criticism proactively.
  7. Infographics are a really appealing way to highlight a large amount of information to your target audience. Use infographics to educate your audience without losing their attention.

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Dominique Warnaar

CEO, Sales Manager & Ambassador Success Manager.