VorteX Network heartily wishes you a “Happy New year”, may the new year bless you with love, happinnes and healty. 2021 will bring new 🎋 opportunities,goals & achievements for VorteX project. 🌍

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Thank you for all the support in 2020! Let’s make 2021 the best year on progress! Cheers! 🥂

VorteX Network Team wishes you Merry Christmas ❄🎄

VorteX Network Christmas luckyest Giveaway! 🎁

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To celebrate Christmas - rewards go to you for being part of VorteX ecosystem!


Win 10.000 VTX token for Christmas 🎅🏻

  • 1th place 10.000 VTX 🥇
  • 2th place 5000 VTX 🥈
  • 3th place 3000 VTX 🥉
  • 4th place 1000 VTX 🎖

1. Follow on Twitter — @VorteX_Global + @VorteXNetwork7

2. Join telegram: t.me/VorteXNetwork

3.Retweet VTX + tag three friends

4.Drop your Ethereum wallet.

Dates: 24th to 31st December (ended)

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Dear partners and community,

The VorteX development was deelayed for several reasons. some of Dev team , was directly hit of this Covid-19 virus situation and he stopped us to doing the necessary proposed things for our community.

(We apologise)!

Today we have a lot of good news.

  • VorteX Network project want to make a large recovery scale for this deelayed time. We have already started the last remaining tests which includes :
  1. VorteX Gate1.0 (The new generation of decentralized staking platform )
  2. Website — upgrade.
  3. Whitepaper — V3 (being)
  4. Roadmap (in progress)
  5. Partnership (update)
  6. Mass listing (exchanges) I’ve already started (2021 — focus on liquidity).

Our stake will be something unseen with multiple differently functions in cryptocurrency a real decentralized platform with no limits and — 0 network transfer gas Fee. totally (Free).

  • The VorteX Gate1.0 ecosystem functionality will be found in the…

Announcement: we will announce more details, and the latest update before released VorteX Gate 1.0 the new generation of STAKE.

We working to performing a great upgrades engineering in the most magnificent new mechanism of staking|mining ever created cryptocurrency.

We are pleased to announce that VorteX Network is now added on @Blockspot_io as an official Partner, in addition to receiving a verified badge on their platform!


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Announcement : VorteX Network listed on @azbit_news exchange VTX/ETH.


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We are very excited to announce that our new partnership with @Coldlar . The most trusted wallet by chinese users of 2019. You can now send, receive and store VTX assets in the Coldlar Cloud Wallet & App.

Coldlar supports five languages ,more details:

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#HappyFathersDay to our superhero all the dads out there!👨💙 To celebrate this day, we #Giveaway 2500 #VTX to randomly 12 lucky people.

Follow us in both channels @VorteX_Global @VorteXNetwork7 ,put your ETH address, retweet , join to our telegram &tag your friends to join here.


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Every new innovation lead us forward with greater experience and knowledge to develop new capabilities.

We will have radical changes in our site and big #update next period. more details will be published - @Medium before open new #Stake platform.

VorteX Gate 1.0 #incoming ⏳

VorteX Network

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