Images That Totally Didn’t Inspire TIFF’s Campaign (Updated)

Obviously it was organically developed because “#infiniteviews” is one word and “Infinite Views” is two words.

Update: The Toronto artist’s Instagram went from public to private. This page is now using archived images.

The Toronto International Film Festival has a totally plausible explanation for similarities to Razvan Anton’s work:

“We agree that a creator should be credited for their work but in this case this really is just a matter of coincidence, and proper creators are given due credit.
This year’s Toronto International Film Festival was campaign was (sic) organically developed by our in-house team over many months, and each of the similarities you singled out actually originated from a different team member.”
100% Organic

Here are some images that nobody on the dozen-plus marketing team saw before organically developing the TIFF campaign…

His hashtag “infiniteviews” and the slogan “Infinite Views” are two common words that can be found in any dictionary. TIFF explains:

The tag line is a play on the definition of a kaleidoscope “infinite reflections of a regular grid” and of course the very popular Drake album [Views], which has been appropriated by countless Torontonians.

I’m sure I could find tons of coloured cityscapes of Toronto like these… probably even with the same hashtag… but I’m really busy right now.

Obviously TIFF was inspired by that Russian guy from the 20s … or Inception? And it’s not like Razvan invented colour.

Whatever, the industry is big here there’s no way you could come across it on social media.

In conclusion, requesting credit is absurd because it’s all a total coink-e-dink.


DANIEL VOSHART lives and works in Toronto. He would never ever write a piece of satire.