#BREAKING: GOP Congressman Aims to Silence SEC on Climate Change

While most of the country is focused on healthcare, Congressman Bill Posey is trying to slip through legislation that will silence the SEC on climate change.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has disclosed the effects of environmental issues on public companies since the 1970’s. The organization released a disclosure regarding the vast effects of climate change on public companies in 2010.

Now, climate change deniers like Rep. Posey are putting their ignorance before even their love of business and money, by demanding the removal of the disclosure. On July 27th, Posey introduced H.R. 3502, “To direct the Securities and Exchange Commission to withdraw guidance regarding disclosure related to climate change.”

The SEC is trying to protect and prepare American enterprise from and for the harsh realities of climate change. Posey wants to stop that. Why? Because words on a page are more harmful to American values than the revenue, wages, companies, and jobs that will be lost by ill-preparation for the coming future brought by unaddressed global climate change.

Great work, Congressman. Good looking out for real America.

What do you think?

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