#BREAKING: Sen. Paul Proposes Free Market Experiment on “Bankrupt and Economically Distressed”

Libertarian Republican Senator, Rand Paul, wants to make bankrupt and economically distressed areas exempt to labor laws and other similar regulation.

On July 13th, Sen. Paul introduced S. 1551, "a bill to provide for the establishment of free market enterprise in order to help facilitate the creation of new jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, enhanced and educational opportunities, and increased community involvement in bankrupt and economically distressed areas".

Paul has made the argument before that things like minimum wages prevent youth involvement and gaining of experience in labor, and prevent the unemployed worker who is willing to work for less than $7 from getting a job.

What Senator Paul is missing, is the fact that they also prevent predatory business practices from taking advantage of the poor and endangering the health and lives of our citizens. There is not one single, truly Libertarian nation in the world. We do not need microcosm experiments for it, and especially not on those citizens who need help and protection most.

What do you think about this new legislation?

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