ClearPoll Update 2/22/19

ClearPoll Update 2/22/19

Hello! Hope you guys had a good week! It’s been a little over one month since I took over ClearPoll, and I’m so excited with the progress that’s happening. I know you guys can’t see everything that’s going on behind the scenes, but thing are moving along nicely!

One thing I wanted to talk about in this blog is transparency within ClearPoll. Since our reward system, and POLL token holders, are entitled to a % of ClearPolls gross revenue, it only makes sense that this information be fully transparent and public. As I mentioned in last weeks blog, we have started a full redesign of the entire app and desktop version of ClearPoll that will be released, hopefully in March. The new design will include a section that shows real time information regarding any and all revenue ClearPoll generates. Ads on ClearPoll will have a small ID or tag that will provide a way for anyone to verify that the revenue from the ad is going where it should.

ClearPoll Block Explorer Coming March 15th

We are still planning on switching from our own blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain on March 15th! We will also be releasing a block explorer the same day! I hoped to have more pics for you today from the explorer but I had a couple last minutes changes, and it is currently being finished as I type this. I will post some pictures in our telegram group this coming week.

That’s all for this blog. Once we get a few of these changes and features out the door we can move on to some other really exciting features we are working on, that we will be releasing in April/May. Have a great week guys!

**Don’t forget the changes that take place in the POLL reward and payout structure that begins March 1st! More information about that can be found here.

**Only 1 week left in this reward period! Last change to get your points!