Pogba’s Man Utd transfer is under investigation for this crazy reason

FIFA has this week confirmed it’s begun an investigation into the €100 million transfer deal which brought French midfielder Paul Pogba from Juventus to Manchester United. This follows the revelation from Football Leaks that Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, was paid an astonishing fee of €49 million fore representing all parties in the deal (Juventus, Pogba and Manchester United).

FIFA has developed a special ‘Transfer Matching System’. This is a database collecting all the information of all global transfers. Clubs must report their deals to FIFA. This is so they can be entered into the ‘TMS’. It seems FIFA have requested further information from Man Utd for their TMS and publicly declared that they did so. So have Manchester United been withholding information from FIFA?

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The Football leaks website is alleging that Mino Raiola was employed by Juventus as well as Pogba. They did this to engineer the best price they could get. Raiola was hired, in part, to whip up a bidding war between clubs for the French midfielder’s services. It’s also being said that United themselves at this stage employed Raiola to cement the transfer of Pogba. Added to this Raiola, a busy man, was in the employ of Pogba, working to get him the best possible salary at United.

What Mino Raoila made from the Pogba deal

For all this work, Mino Raiola reportedly received the princely fee of £22.8 million commission. United are also paying the Italian £16 million over the next 5 years and through his company Uuniqq SARL, Raiola will earn a further £2.2 million from Pogba. So he gets £41.3 million all in all.

Mino Raiola
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In football, unlike practically every other industry on earth, football agents can act for both sides in a transfer, and even three if all parties are in agreement. United are confident no wrongdoing can be unearthed and have assured fans that TMS has had all the documents the whole time.

Juventus and Raiola haven’t felt the need to comment yet. Maybe there isn’t one. If TMS find something awry, they’ll address it to the FIFA disciplinary committee. But they haven’t done yet. It’s all still at the clarification stage. There are no disciplinary proceedings active right now.

So what do you think? Is it right an agent should be able to represent all parties in transfer and make £41 million from it?

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