Building Georgia For All in Appling and Jeff Davis Counties

My name is Trent Nesmith. I’m the proud owner of American Roofing, father of two children with my wife Samantha, an active community member in my hometown of Statesboro, and a Democratic candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 12th district.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit Appling and Jeff Davis County for meetings with local leaders and the medical community to discuss the challenges facing these communities, and how Congress can step up as an effective partner in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District.

Meeting Mayor Bayne Stone in Hazlehurst, I learned more about how the Jeff Davis Hospital is essential for the fortunes and well-being of the local community, and how the Mayor was working to help preserve jobs in Hazlehurst, while balancing economic growth. The county is looking to take advantage of solar energy so the team visited a solar farm on track to be doubled in the next year and sure to boost the local economy along with city revenue.

Promoting green jobs and ensuring our district is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution is a key plank of my campaign platform. We have the talent, capital, and potential to create thousands of good jobs, and replace dangerous, polluting forms of power production with renewable power sources like solar, wind, hydro, and biofuels that will improve our quality of life. The renewable energy industry in Georgia is growing, and we need Congress to recognize the potential of new technologies, instead of allowing other countries like China to gain the upper hand.

Improving rural healthcare and protecting our job sustaining and life preserving hospitals is another issue I will lead with in Congress. I visited both the Appling County hospital in Baxley, and the Jeff Davis Hospital in Hazlehurst, and although these hospitals serve different communities, they are facing many of the same challenges. Excessive regulation and red tape, struggles to receive payments for services on time from insurers and the government, and a large number of patients without adequate insurance coverage threaten the ability of these hospitals to be financially viable. It has also hurt their ability to hire and retain more skilled medical professionals, and expand their facilities to meet the needs of their communities.

Hospitals are the lifeblood of our rural communities in Georgia’s 12th district and make no mistake that rural healthcare is in crisis. While Congress has fruitlessly debated on healthcare, Medicaid Expansion has not been enacted in Georgia, and the President has made moves that will reduce insurance coverage and skyrocket health insurance premiums for Georgia families, our care providers are uncertain about what the future will hold. Additionally, our rural hospitals are lacking support from the federal government when it comes to reducing red tape, addressing behavioral health needs and the opioid crisis, and ensuring that payments from government arrive in a timely manner.

As a local business owner and a blue collar worker from Statesboro, I knew there were challenges facing our district when I started this campaign. The more I get out in the community, the more I recognize how critical it is that Congress get to work on issues like increasing access to healthcare and restoring economic opportunity in our rural communities. My opponent Rick Allen has been perfectly content playing part of the insanity in Washington. Congressman Allen has done nothing to resolve the disconnect between the communities in Georgia’s 12th district and our federal government. I’m running to bring the change we want in Washington, and build a Georgia that works for all, with quality care via Medicare for All, good paying jobs, renewable energy, and more opportunity for every Georgia family.

To learn more about Trent Nesmith and this Democratic campaign for Georgia’s 12th congressional district please visit or like his page on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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